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There are a number of ways Global Vacations Markets our products. Our main source of advertisement is word of mouth.  We think that the most important option of our company is our Owners Option this is why we opened our Referral and In home Departments.

Referral Program




   We appreciate your interest in our promotion and look forward to your visit with us. Arrangements have been made for you to participate in a 90-minute presentation of our cost saving services. You are not obligated to buy, sign or join anything to receive your promotional vacation package.


    To thank you for your participation in this promotion we have made arrangements for you to receive the following promotional  package.  Please select from the codes on the side to see your promotional package.


     Thank you and again we look forward to see you at our reception center






Welcome to Global Vacations  Network......

We appreciate your interest in Global Vacations Network; an invitation to our office has been extended to you because of your interest in travel.

   We are not a timeshare or multi level marketing, we are a travel club and have been in business for over 17 years. At the presentation you have been invited to, we will show you a variety of cost saving travel services our company can provide you.

   Often we are asked how can we give the promotional vacation package that we do; simply put we invest our advertising dollars on you instead of television, radio, newspaper or magazine advertising. You are under no obligation to buy or join anything to receive your promotional vacation package; we do hope however you are impressed enough to consider us for your future travel needs.

    We are looking forward to you joining us at our travel presentation, which last approximately 90 minutes. And on behalf of Global Vacations Network we want to thank you in advance for your participation in this promotion.


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