Referral Program Confirmation Letter





Your Appointment  Date_______________________,2007 And Time   ______________PM



  Your Security Code You Received Over The Phone:     HLK-O-AA


   We appreciate your interest in our promotion and look forward to your visit with us. Arrangements have been made for you to participate in a 90-minute presentation of our cost saving services. You are not obligated to buy, sign or join anything to receive your promotional vacation package.

    To thank you for your participation in this promotion we have made arrangements for you to receive the following promotional  package.





This advertising promotion has been designed for clients who are over the age of 25, and with a combined household income of at least $40,000. If you are married or single with a significant other, we ask that the two of you attend our presentation together.

Thanks Again, we appreciate your interest and look forward to your visit with us.




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